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Welcome to my website! I'm Ilknur Aspir, an Software Developer specializing in learning design, innovation, and technology. With an EdM in LDIT from Harvard University and cross-registration experience at the Harvard Business School and MIT, I bring a strong educational background to my work. On this website, you'll find a showcase of my some projects and work experiences. Explore the transformative power of XR technology in learning. Let's join forces and unlock the potential of immersive technologies to create meaningful and impactful solutions together!

Harvard University

Project Assistant

(Web Developer)


Software Developer


Omerd Business Solutions

Project Manager

GUI Consultancy

Software Developer



R&D Asisstant


Work Experience

During my tenure from October 2022 to May 2023, I conceptualized and executed a customized language learning website for Turkish acquisition, collaborating with the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. Through engaging content and visually appealing UI features, I achieved a remarkable 40% increase in user visits, showcasing the positive impact of my contributions.

During my time at Jotform, I developed new features for the Approvals product, optimizing the user experience for over 20 million users. Additionally, I successfully implemented changes for Jotform's branding project, resulting in a 75% increase in brand identity accuracy.

I have a strong passion for education and mentoring, evident in my experiences as a Teacher Intern of Coding and Computer Science Courses. I designed and delivered a comprehensive coding curriculum for 11th grade students, fostering their understanding and application of programming concepts through hands-on projects and assignments, and created engaging learning experiences for younger students while facilitating discussions and providing valuable feedback to enhance their learning outcomes.

As a Project Manager at Omerd Business Solutions, I honed my communication and collaboration skills by negotiating customer requirements and providing technical advice to ensure customer satisfaction. I played a vital role in the development and deployment of multiple CRM projects across diverse industries, while achieving a commendable 95% success rate for integrations by creating robust and reliable JavaScript and C# integrations.

Furthermore, my experience as a Software Development Intern at GUI Consultancy allowed me to develop, test, and debug various features in an agile environment. I demonstrated proficiency in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and C# and contributed to the design and development of efficient distributed architectures, RESTful APIs, and databases using MySQL and MongoDB.

I participated in a TUBITAK project where I contributed to the design and development of interactive augmented reality (AR) applications. The aim was to assist secondary school students with learning disabilities in enhancing their understanding and memory of math and science concepts.


StageFright VR, MIT Media Lab

ProVis, Harvard GSD - Responsive Environments

Tangigumball, MIT Media Lab - Tangible Interfaces

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